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The principle structure of DC motor

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DC motor is a DC voltage on motor operation, widely used in tape recorders, video recorders, video machines, electric shavers, hair dryer, electronic watches, toys etc.. A, electromagnetic DC motor electromagnetic DC motor consists of a stator poles, rotor (armature), (commonly known as the commutator commutator), brush, casing, bearing, stator pole electromagnetic DC motor (main pole) is composed of core and the excitation winding. According to the excitation (the old standard known as the excitation) mode can be divided into different series DC motor, DC shunt motor, DC motor and the compound wound DC motor. Because of different excitation mode, stator flux (generated by the excitation coil stator pole electricity) rules also different. Between the excitation winding and the rotor winding series DC motor are connected in series through the brush and commutator, field current and armature current is proportional to the stator, the flux increases with the increase of the excitation current, torque and armature current is approximately proportional to the square of the speed, with torque or current decreased rapidly with increasing. More than 5 times its starting torque can reach rated torque, short time overload torque can reach more than 4 times of the rated torque, speed change rate is large, the no-load speed is very high (generally do not allow its running in no-load). Through using the external resistor and the series field winding in series (or parallel), or the series winding in parallel to achieve the speed change. The excitation winding and the rotor winding and DC motor are connected in parallel, the excitation current is constant, the starting torque and armature current is proportional to, the starting current is about 2.5 times the rated current. With the current speed and torque increased slightly, short-time overload torque is 1.5 times of the rated torque. The speed change rate is smaller, 5%~15%. Constant power through the weak magnetic field to the governor. The excitation power supply excitation winding excited DC motor to independent, the excitation current is constant, the starting torque and armature current is proportional to. The speed change for 5%~15%. Can weaken the magnetic field of constant power to increase speed or by reducing the rotor winding voltage to reduce speed. The stator poles compound wound DC motor in a shunt winding, a series field winding is connected in series with the rotor winding (the number of turns less). The direction of the magnetic flux series winding flux generated with the direction of the main winding, the starting torque is about 4 times of the rated torque, short time load torque is about 3.5 times of the rated torque. The speed change rate of 25%~30% (and the related series winding). The speed can be adjusted through the weakened the strength of the magnetic field. commutator commutator using silver copper, cadmium and copper alloy material, high strength plastic moulded. Brush sliding contact with a commutator, provide for the rotor winding armature current. Brush electromagnetic DC motor using metal graphite brush or electrographite brush. The rotor iron core made of silicon steel laminations, generally 12 slot, with 12 sets of armature windings, the windings connected in series, and then are connected with the 12 commutator.


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