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The skill of the stepper motor

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stepper motor torque and motor power &rdquo “. But the motor has a fundamentally different, especially AC, DC motor physical structure of step motor and the different points. There is a difference between the output power of the stepper motor is adjustable, can change. Mechanical power device stepper motor can receive the digital signal, the precision is high, small size, convenient installation, the output torque is large, the market size also. The skill of the detailed introduction stepper motor. (a), stepper motor torque size selection of in the application, choose according to the torque of the stepping motor, such as: torque under 0.8N.m, 28, 35, 39, 42 Units: mm; torsion around the 1N.m, select the appropriate 57 motor. Torsion in several N.m or greater, you should choose 75, 85, 86, 90, 110, 130 and other specifications of the step motor. In the stepper motor selection, also want to consider the speed, torque and speed of the stepper motor is inversely proportional to, say, the higher the speed, the torque is smaller, conversely, the lower the speed, torque is bigger. But in some cases, require high speed, but also high torque at. It is necessary to pay attention to, the choice is: weigh the coil and inductance, the inductance value to choose small stepper motor. In order to obtain a high torque; conversely, when low speed and high torque, must choose the inductance, resistance of the stepper motor, inductance values such as: dozens of mH as well. (two), stepper motor no-load starting frequency no-load departure frequency is one of the most important indicators. The requirements in an instant frequent start, stop, and, speed at 1000 rpm (or higher), usually “ accelerate the start ”. Direct start to operate at high speed, the best choice of reactive or permanent magnet stepper motor. The stepper motor “ empty frequency &rdquo are relatively high. The following selection technique of stepper motor is more wonderful. (three), stepper motor phase number choose a few people pay attention to, choose the different phases of the stepper motor, and can improve the working efficiency and quality. Such as: to select the number of the stepper motor, can reduce the vibration, can also be a smaller step angle, in most cases, a two-phase stepper motor and four phase stepper motor comparison. Work in the high speed and high torque, selection of three-phase stepper motor is very practical, so can get high speed transport can also get high torque. special stepper motor waterproof, anti oil, used in some special occasions. Most of the 75BYG series stepping motor is waterproof structure. But with the special stepper motor customers will have little trouble, and manufacturers to build the market, is not to be found, said few sell. Techniques for selection of step motor is only above several, such as have the skills to choose the better, can write articles, released to the volume source electronic network. Hope everyone together to learn.
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